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Michelle J Cole

Michelle J. Cole has been a professional musician for over 20 years. Michelle is the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters, raised on the East Coast. Her gift of music began performing for her family at very young age. As her confidence grew, Michelle began dancing and singing in talent contests, variety shows, or musicals. Her musical evolution then brought her to the attention of local bands and began performing throughout the East Coast.

Michelle's desire to advance her music career to the next level brought her to Los Angeles. Her decision leads to performing with a number of original & Top-40 bands. These performances have allowed Michelle to travel across the United States and the Caribbean giving her a solid and diverse background in music.



Michelle J Cole - House of BluesShe has written and produced two of her own music CD's: "Michelle Cole and the Cool" and, "I'm Your Healer". Several of her compositions, from these two productions have been featured on television programs such as, "Touched by an Angel", "Soprano's", Day-Time television drama's, as well as a number of independent movies.

Heavy Hitters has published her music for the last 15 years, with over 75 placements featured on Prime-Time and Day-Time television. Her music talents span several genres including classic rock, blues, jazz, folk, and R&B. Her vast musical talents include sessions, jingles and commercial work.

Michelle continues to compose new material and performs in local area clubs throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area.


Michelle J. Cole - I'm Your Healer
Michelle Cole
I'm Your Healer
Michelle Cole Michelle Cole & The Cool CD Cover
Michelle Cole
Michelle Cole & the Cool

2009 BMI
"Shelly Jo Music" Publishing
Manager: David Woeckener
Real Aritists Management



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