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Michelle J Cole

She has written and produced two of her own music CD's: "Michelle Cole and the Cool" and, "I'm Your Healer". Several of her compositions, from these two productions have been featured on television programs such as, "Touched by an Angel", "Soprano's", Day-Time television drama's, as well as a number of independent movies.

Heavy Hitters has published her music for the last 15 years, with over seventy-five cuts featured on Prime-Time and Day-Time television. Her music talents span several genres including classic rock, blues, jazz, folk, and R&B. Her vast musical talents include session and commercial work. She has sung vocals on many television commercials and has also composed advertising jingles.


AMC Song Placement from Michelle J Cole on Myspace.

Visual song placement on All my Children.
The actress is singing along with the song, "No More Lies" that I wrote.

Michelle's recorded version of "No More Lies": Hear Now (audio only)

Below are samplings of songs featured on Prime/Day-Time TV & Film along with newly composed tracks for Film & Television Placement:

Television   New Releases for Television
 - You Didnít Just Break A Heart (you broke mine)    - Person 2 Person ( Duet/Commercial )
 - Bittersweet (Pop)    - Inspiration ( Ballad )
 - First Time Fallin (Easy Rock)    - Raw Emotion ( R&B )
 - Devil His Due (Blues)    - Wind In My Face ( Slow Rock )
 - Gotta Shine (Pop)    - You're Everything I Need ( Folk Rock )
 - I Give You All Iíve Got (Dance)    - Gayatri ( Trance )
 - Inside of Me ( Top 40 )    - Free ( Slow Rock )
 - When It Feels Like Love ( Easy Listening )    
 - Good Man under my Christmas tree (Holiday)  

Movie Cuts

 - We Got Each other   - Gone but not Forgotten ( Slow Rock )
 - Tell me why ( R&B)    
 - Smooth Talking Lover (Blues)    Commercial Cuts
 - Love me easy, Love me slow    - Just One Look ( Rock )




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Michelle J. Cole - I'm Your Healer
Michelle Cole
I'm Your Healer
Michelle Cole & The Cool CD Cover
Michelle Cole
Michelle Cole & the Cool

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