Private Sessions with Michelle Cole

Kriya Yoga Therapy private program is a minimum of 3 sessions:

1st session - 1.5 hrs

• A client intake of their personal history , reviewing lab reports, MRI’s, physical ailments and/or disorders, injuries due to accidents, chronic pain due to both physical and emotional challenges.
• Measurements of physical abilities / challenges.

After assessment Michelle examines personal history, researches and creates a personalized yogic program for client, which includes:

• A specialized posture routine to improve strength, flexibility, and increase energy and vitality,
• Specialized breathing techniques designed for each client’s individual needs
• Affirmation, Visualization and Meditation techniques to enhance healing and bring balance.

2nd session – 1 hr
• Complete the program with Michelle and fine tune it.
3rd session - 1 hr

• After utilizing program in their everyday life, client then comes back to review with Michelle and assess if program is working for them or needs adjustments

Program Fee - $350 due at time of 1st visit.
After initial 3 initial visits private session pricing varies by number of sessions and location of session


We have been working with Michelle for almost a year beginning with her chair
yoga class at Santa Monica College followed by one-on-one yoga therapy sessions.
She is GREAT! Michelle is very creative in her work. She is attentive to her clients'
unique abilities and limitations, and designs approaches and activities that meet
their needs. She is patient and truly interested in the well-being of her clients and
students. Anyone who is interested in strengthening their body/mind connection
through a guided yoga practice should consider working with Michelle either by
taking her class or working with her in one-on-one sessions.

Gino & Monica

I used to fall at least once a week and majorly hurt myself once a month. I had fallen in front of buses, in the middle of the road, down stairs, etc. After a number of neurological and physical tests, it was determined that my Fibromyalgia was causing my muscles to just give out, without any notice. Thanks to Michelle Cole, my problem has been resolved! Michelle dedicates one entire class session in both of her classes, "Yoga Therapy" and "Chair Yoga," to "Gait Improvement," or as she likes to call it “Conscious Walking”. Michelle gives personal and very astute advice about each student's natural gait, or walk. The advice is offered in a comfortable, informative and easy-going manner. No one feels on the spot, thanks to Michelle’s sensitive and giving nature. Michelle showed me how to have correct posture, strengthen my "inner core," and most of all “Breathe”, so that if my Fibromyalgia decides to "trip me up," my body is sturdy, stable and able to resist falling. Thank you, Michelle! And my once banged-up knees and elbows thank you!!

Karen Swerling