Chair Yoga with MichelleIs for anyone challenged with getting up and down from the floor, including but not limited to those with back problems, neurological issues, older adults and wheel chair bound students. “Chair Yoga” is for people in wheel chairs, elderly, and/or others who had physical problems/injuries that challenged their ability to get onto the floor on a yoga mat This yoga practice incorporates breathing, visualization and meditation techniques along with postures.

• Kriya - Action with Awareness
• Pranayama (The Breath) - The most important aspect to Yoga is learning how to utilize certain breathing techniques, that bring more oxygen to the blood cells, and to the neurological pathways to the brain.
• Asana (Postures) - Movement along with the breath and muscle tightening to maximize your practice to get the full benefit of the pose.
• Visualization techniques focusing on the flow of the subtle body in conjunction with the physical.
• Meditation - Quieting the mind and accessing the Divinity within

The benefits include reduced stress, anxiety, and tension, improved flexibility, increased strength, lung capacity and sense of well being. Individuals work toward expressing the pose to their fullest capability while honoring their physical limitations.


I am a 53 years old Middle Eastern man, weigh 360 lbs, and have been working 2-3 jobs all my life. Unfortunately, Iíve had neck surgery about seven years ago and almost became paralyzed. Recently, I started to have the same neck and back pains again. I went to a doctor, took an x-ray, which showed the previous surgery. The doctor was certain that I needed a second surgery. Everything hurt - my shoulders were inflamed, I could not even sleep at night from the pain. I was on Vicodin and ice packs, constantly in pain, with no ease of relief.

Michelle is a long time friend, who came over for a visit. She put her hand on my shoulder, and I winced from the pain. She told me to come over immediately for yoga therapy. She refused to even let me pay for it! After that, we started a yoga therapy regiment. Two months later, I'm free of any pain killers or pain or ice packs.

Simply, Michelle saved me from having a second neck surgery. If it wasn't for Michelle and her yoga and massage therapy, I would be in bed, still in deep pain. Prepping to have a second surgery. Wondering if I can recover this time fully. Michelle is a diamond. Her teaching me and coaching me the conscience walking. Now I can walk and walk and walk without having any lower back pain. Her chair yoga has helped me breathe better too (I'm a heavy smoker). She is also an excellent nutritionist. She researched my health problems, and created a specialized program for me. We attend work outs together and she provides recipes for foods and juices I can eat and drink. I have lost 5 lbs in a week, I am free of the stress of physical pain, and I thank Michelle for saving my life.

Anwar Abdulla

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