Yoga Therapy with Michelle

Kriya Yoga Therapy with Michelle Cole

Kriya Yoga therapy has a broad spectrum of therapies dealing with the physical body, subtle body, diet and also touches on emotional states of health. It is designed for those facing chronic pain, neurological disorders, and other health challenges that hinder them from going to a regular yoga class. It incorporates Eastern philosophies with Western physical therapy modalities. Utilizing Mind, Body, Breath awareness combining modified yoga postures, with ancient breathing and meditation techniques.

The benefits help to manage a students condition, reduce symptoms, pain/stress reduction, restores balance, and increases flexibility, strength and vitality. Each session is attuned to the students attending and refined constantly pending health issues.


We have been Yoga students of Michelle Cole for over 3 years now. We started attending her classes at the Santa Monica Community College in the evening and really enjoyed having her as our teacher. When the semester was over at the Santa Monica college, we decided to continue our yoga practice at her home's community room on Saturdays, and to our surprise we have been doing this for over 3 years now!!

Michelle is a talented, wonderful person and a caring teacher; she is flexible enough in her approach to accommodate students who are more advanced, as well as those who are less advanced such as my husband. We highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning yoga.

David and Jennifer Kanaar

I have taken Michelle Cole's Yoga Therapy & Chair Yoga classes for a couple of years and it's not your traditional Yoga class. These classes are great for people who have had accidents or illness' that restrains them from taking a traditional Yoga class. Michelle takes the time to know each individual's needs along with knowing their injuries/pains.

The course teaches breathing, relaxation & stretching of the body without causing pain and/or injury. She also teaches alternative ways for those with special needs.

This is a must-take class especially for beginners to Yoga or for those with injuries that require special needs that a traditional Yoga class cannot offer.

Beronica Martin

I have been taking Michelle's class for the last two years. I joined the class because I had cancer and suffered for back problems. Her classes as helped me greatly. She makes sure the we breath and do the exercises correctly and she pays especial attention to each of us making sure we are doing right. After her classes I fell great and my back problems have improved tremendously. I am very lucky to have her as a yoga teacher and I can not wait to start the class in the fall. I recommend her class for anyone. Everyone will benefit for her excellence as a teacher.

Loles Jones

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